FIBES I was designed to host large exhibitions and trade fairs, for which reason there are 3 huge pillarless pavillions, each measuring 7,200m2 and with service points every 8 linear metres; as well as the central dome building which is the Palacio de Congresos.
This building is unique in the impressive waterfalls that line the venue’s outdoor square, as well as the size and luminosity of the Dome, which is the main entrance to the pavillions and all the congress centre rooms: two auditoriums, parallel chambers, VIP lounges, offices and restaurants.
Moreover, the FIBES I outdoor exhibition area is complemented by two outdoor triangular structures; each measures 3,500m2, is open plan and pillarless and can host shows, exhibitions, open air activities, etc., according to the event’s requirements.


Module A
This building is one of the main entrances to the New Congress Centre and the gateway to the existing facilities. It has three indoor and outdoor exhibition halls
and 15 parallel chambers on the 3rd floor (one on a mezzanine floor).

Module B
This is a central, multi-purpose building which can be directly accessed from Modules A and C. The registration, exhibition and catering areas are found on levels 1 and 2, with a double height ceiling on level 1. On level 3, at the same height as the rooms in Module A, a 1,450m2 space is used to construct the rooms required, thanks to a system of movable panels.

Module C
In addition to the multi-purpose rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 for press, video conferences, TV and test runs, VIP lounges and dressing rooms, the Auditorium, able to accommodate over 3,200 people and with a 620m2 stage, is the main focus in this Module. There is the possibility of dividing it into 2 auditoriums (Auditorium 1: 1,950 people; and Upper Auditoriums 2+3: 700 people) or as 3 auditoriums (Auditorium 1: 1,950 people; Upper Auditorium 2: 340 people and Upper Auditorium 3: 400 people) to be used simultaneously.